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poetry postcards, broadsides, books
letterpress printing

Tom Parson


Now It's Up To You Publications features small-format poetry projects:
poetry postcards, broadsides (posters), and books, produced by letterpress printing
from hand-set metal type. The connection between writer and reader is how
the poem works: it breathes in context; it lives in the complex community
that language makes between people. The publisher/printer is in the middle in this
dynamic relationship. The bargaining may be intense, or subtle, or blunt. The poet
has brought it this far; the printer has put his stamp on it, the publisher aimed it
to a live target: now it's up to you. For more background on the history of the press,

Please note that this web site is just under construction. The plaster is still
wet. I still have a small pile of pied type to sort. The paper must be dampened,
a half point copper added, a typo fixed, the position, the pressure adjusted,
the ink doctored to its delicate harmonies, the press itself oiled and wiped

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